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Advanced Surgical Hospital, located in Washington PA, is the regions highest performing hospital. Advanced Surgical Hospital and its team of dedicated physicians, staff, and leaders is committed to delivering each of the patients and family members it serves with care that is compassionate and exceptional in every way.  Acute care Pennsylvania Department of Health Licensed/Joint Commission accredited orthopaedic specialty surgical hospital.   Benefits package available to eligible applicants. 



Per diem/pool Operating Room Registered Nurse – Consistently adheres to sterile process and aseptic techniques, (4) operating room facility.


Full-time Manager, Medical Records – Oversees and facilitates Medical Records tasks, responsibilities, monitors and assures high quality performance with medical records including, but not limited to; confidentiality, records retention, must have extensive computer experience, abstracting patient records, data collection, chart auditing, and coding familiarity.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Identifies late, incomplete, or inaccurate documentation and, in accordance with established protocols, reports to individual(s) responsible for completion/accuracy of documentation; tracks return of such documentation.

2.  Prepares for insurance and regulatory agency chart audits by pulling charts to be reviewed and assuring that charts are complete and in good order.  Oversees Advanced Surgical Hospital responses for such audit requests.

3.  Receives patient records for abstracting. Collects numerous data elements from individual records and abstracts core measure data on required elements from patient care records onto an established form following complex instructions on qualifiers for data elements to extract and exclusions.  Applies Specifications Manual for National Inpatient Quality Measures according to established data reporting requirements.

4.  Participates in system design, process improvement and revision to ensure sound processes for quality data retrieval. Works with internal departments to set up e-forms for electronic documentation.  Actively facilitates the quarterly Medical Records Committee meetings. Completes quarterly submissions of data to the PHC4.

5.  Monitors the accuracy and consistency of coded clinical data by overseeing audits of data and reports findings to the Medical Records Committee.

6.  Monitors and maintains Electronic Health Records programming/upgrading; assists in monitoring continued compliance with Meaningful Use.

7.  Maintains accurate and up-to-date Medical Records policies and procedures.

 Bachelor’s degree preferred or extensive knowledge and work experience with medical records.   Medical records practitioner certification preferred.  Two to four years of hospital medical records experience is preferred, with extensive knowledge of anatomy and medical terminology.  Knowledge of IDC10.


Full-time Instrument Processing Technician is responsible for maintaining instruments and equipment in an optimal fashion and preparing instrumentation, equipment, and sterile supplies for the surgical patient. The Instrument Processing Technician is responsible to assist with the provision of patient care to meet identified patient outcomes, and to achieve the goals of the facility as directed by the clinical leader. The Instrument Processing Technician performs duties according to scope of practice designated by the facility position description, role and responsibilities and under the direction of the designated clinical leader. 

Key Responsibilities

1. Functions as an Instrument Processing Technician under the direction of the Clinical Leader/Registered Nurse.

2. Knowledge of sterilization procedures, aseptic technique, and maintenance and care of instruments and equipment. Knowledge of standards and engages in practices and procedures of sterile technique.

3. Cleans and/or disinfects instruments and equipment after use and returns it to the proper area, in appropriate sequence, for storage and/or processing. Differentiates sterilization and disinfection methods required for specific instruments and equipment.

4. Demonstrates ability to understand and use sterilizers, high-level disinfectors, instrument washers, and other designated processors.

5. Demonstrates ability to understand use, function, interpretation, documentation, and record-keeping of chemical and biological indicators related to instrument and equipment sterilization and low, intermediate, and high-level disinfection processes.

6. Completes all documentation to ensure the availability of accurate and up to date information in accordance with established standards.

7. Cleans, wraps, sterilizes, and disinfects instruments and equipment and maintains the functions of the instrument processing area/department.

8. Perform weekly inventory of processing supplies and notifies appropriate personnel of order needs.

9. Continues assigned daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly routines, including requirements with reports, logs and related documentation.

10. Assists teammates with daily preparation for current and future facility schedules (pulling cases and assembling supplies) as assigned.

11. Responsible for crossover duties in other areas such as purchasing supplies and inventory management in proper areas according to facility policy and management guidance.

12. May act as scrub technician if experienced and needed in operating rooms or procedure rooms.

13. Assists in room turnover when needed and as assigned.

14. Assists with the preparation of the operating room/procedure room for surgery/procedures as directed.

15. Checks updated schedule every morning and prepares rooms with supplies and equipment as assigned and directed by management.Qualifications:

High school graduate or equivalent. Understanding of sterilization and high-level disinfection technologies including industry standardized principles and practice in sterilization and disinfection required. Prior experience in instrument processing required.  Prior experience as a surgical technologist/procedure technologist preferred. Successful completion of BLS Course within 90 days of employment required or documentation of current BLS certification. Certification in instrument processing is preferred.


Full Time Medical Records Chart Auditor:  Responsibilities include assembling and analyzing inpatient and outpatient medical records for completeness and record deficiencies. Must adhere to strict HIPAA and confidentiality policies. Must be reliable and accountable. Prior experience or relevant education required. 


Inpatient Registered Nurses / Full-time, part-time & per diem positions available.  PA licensure, 24/7 inpatient department, 14 inpatient bed unit, orthopaedic experience preferred.  Provide quality nursing care, including patient and family teaching, utilizing the nursing process in a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to provide a positive outcome for the patient.  

1. Utilizes the nursing process to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate care on an ongoing basis according to established policies and procedures.

2. Individualizes care based on the needs of the patient and age-specific considerations.

3. Participates in unit and organizational process improvement activities.

4. Collaborates with health care team members in a professional and respectful manner.

5. Responds appropriately in emergency patient situations

6. Communicates in an effective, professional, and respectful manner with patients, families, physicians, coworkers, vendors, and other members of the health care team.


Certified Nursing Assistant / Full-time, part-time & per diem positions available

  • Inpatient 14 bed facility
  • Provide direct patient care, ADL, vitals, meals



  • Orthopaedic clinic/PA licensed.
  • Per diem


Plant Operations Technician:  Maintenance duties, security, part-time.





To provide services to all persons regardless of race, creed, color, ethnic origin, nationality, sex, handicap, age or affiliation with fraternal or religious organizations.


Advanced Surgical Hospital does not exclude, deny benefits to , or otherwise discriminate against any person on the grounds of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, ancestry, age, familial status, veteran status, union membership, culture, language, socioeconomic status, gender identity or expression, physical or mental disability or handicap, AIDS or HIV status, in admission to, participation in, or receipt of the services and benefits under any of its programs and activities, whether carried out by Advanced Surgical Hospital directly, or through a contractor or any other entity with which Advanced Surgical Hospital arranges to carry out its programs or activities. For further information about this policy, contact: Advanced Surgical Hospital, Anne S. Hast, DNP, RN, CEO, 742 884-0710, extension 1162. If translation services are needed, call Language Line Solutions at 1 888 808-9008.