Advanced Surgical Hospital provides exceptional elective orthopaedic surgery, outpatient general surgery, foot surgery, and pain management services. Advanced Surgery Hospital provides a care experience uniquely tailored to your needs. When you have elective surgery, it means that our patients, together with their surgeon, determine the best day to have surgery.

Surgery at Advanced Surgical Hospital

Once you have selected the date of surgery, the doctor’s office staff will notify Advanced Surgical Hospital of your decision to have surgery. The Advanced Surgical Hospital staff from the Welcome Center will begin to organize the care and services needed to prepare you for surgery and recovery afterwards. We take great pride in our ability to work together with you to fully plan the activities and care needs you will have as you get ready for surgery and recover.

All of this takes great communication between you, your doctor, and the Advanced Surgical Hospital staff. Our patients have rated us as one of the best in the nation for nurse to patient communication, so you can rest assured that our staff will do everything possible to help you feel comfortable and informed during this time. Many of your instructions will be focused on how you can work with the staff to keep you healthy, safe, and infection free. In 2013, and for all of 2014, Advanced Surgical Hospital is proud to report that we have not had a surgical site infection in any patients having joint replacement surgery with us!

We offer a wide range of services to help with your recovery after surgery. These services include rehabilitation, outpatient pharmacy, and transitions of care planning services. These services, along with the care you receive at the hospital, create an integrated one-stop-shop for patient ease and accessibility.

Whether you have same day surgery or you need to stay on our inpatient unit, your care will be organized, stress free, and give you the results you expect.

When you come to Advanced Surgical Hospital, you are coming into a hospital that works hard every day to create a health care experience that is safe, efficient and effective.