Advanced Surgical Hospital offers state-of-the-art imaging services for Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), X-Rays, and Arthrograms. We have the latest technology in MRI and can provide you with the highest quality diagnostic study available in the area. Our imaging staff are experts at obtaining the clearest study possible and capturing it on the latest computer technology. These studies are sent electronically to the physician who ordered the study and a CD of the study can be given to you for your personal use. This means that you will have the right information in the hands of your physician in a timely manner so that your treatment decisions are not delayed.  Request Advanced Surgical MRI whenever you are ordered an MRI by your doctor.

Our MRI is open Monday through Friday from 7:30AM to 4:30PM.  Our staff will help you schedule your exam at a date and time convenient for you and your schedule. They will provide detailed instructions on how you can best prepare for your study. This includes other testing that may be needed prior to the MRI, how best to prepare for the study, what to wear so that you are comfortable during the test, and how to obtain your results.  “Walk in” appointments are also welcome and will be completed as schedule openings permit.

Our new MRI offers you the highest quality images, so that you receive the most effective treatment!  Call  724 884-0754 or 724 884-0710 to be connected with the helpful staff at Advanced Surgical Hospital and schedule your MRI today.

Advanced Surgical Hospital is pleased to announce that we have brought a state-of the art MRI to the community.  The new MAVRIC SL technology in MRI is now available. MAVRIC SL is a sophisticated magnetic resonance (MR) imaging technique designed to address the growing clinical need to more accurately image soft tissue and bone around metal. By minimizing image distortion near a metal implant, MAVRIC SL technology enables physicians to see tissue surrounding an implant to help them diagnose and define a course of treatment.

Advanced Surgical Hospital is the only hospital in this area to offer this advanced MRI technology.  Our new MRI offers you the best picture to have the most effective treatment!   Call and schedule your test now!