The Welcome Center is designed to provide you with an individualized session to get ready for surgery. Patients having both inpatient and outpatient surgery will be advised on all needed steps to get ready for their procedure.

An exceptional team of professionals greet our patients and their loved ones as they walk through the front doors. Patients who are scheduled for Outpatient procedures are contacted by our expert nursing staff to review their medical and surgical history along with a current review of their medication history. All testing is reviewed by our anesthesiologist and patients are given specific instruction so that the day of surgery is a smooth process for our patients and their loved ones. Patients having procedures that will result in an overnight stay will be contacted by our Welcome Center staff within 24 hours of the surgeon scheduling surgery. This welcome call begins the introduction process to all required elements that are needed for an interdisciplinary approach for the best patient outcome. A pre-anesthesia evaluation appointment is scheduled during that initial call for the patient to come to Advanced Surgical Hospital to meet their “team”. The team includes laboratory personnel, nursing staff, physical therapists and social services. The anesthesiologist during the pre-anesthesia evaluation meets with the patient to discuss our state of the art pain management procedures. Patients have an opportunity to become fully prepared for their surgery by having the one-on–one opportunity to have their unique questions answered before the day of surgery.

We welcome the involvement of family or a support person to attend this evaluation. Our ultimate goal during the Welcome Center visit is that we get to know the patient before the day of surgery and work together to prepare for the day of surgery, the inpatient stay, and continued recovery.